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 About Jacksonville Association of Health Underwriters

Welcome to the Jacksonville Association of Health Underwriters (JAHU). Our association is the local chapter of the National Association of Health Underwriters and the Florida Association of Health Underwriters.

JAHU, a non-profit association, is dedicated to meeting the health, financial, and retirement security needs of all Americans while utilizing private sector solutions. Our mission is accomplished through education, advocacy, and professional development of our members.

Our Board Members 2013 - 2014


President:  Joe Malzacher
Work: 904-280-2028 Ext. 403
Fax: 904-280-1602
Email: jmalzacher@montoyabenefits.com
Cell: 904-

President Elect:  Chet Trefry
Work: 917-243-7570
Fax: 888-810-1059
Email: chet.trefry@liazon.com

Cell: 904-254-0593

1st Vice President:  Donna Fogle
Work: 904-461-2119
Fax: 904-461-1775
Email: dfogle@mbaileygroup.com
Cell:  904-347-9833

2nd Vice President:  Mike Barry
Work: 813-300-0583
Email: Barry.Mike@principal.com
Cell:  813-300-0583

Secretary:  Cindi Stettner
Work: 904-905-5337
Fax: 904-905-6571
Email: cindi.stettner@bcbsfl.com
Cell: 904-377-3145

Treasurer:  Heather Kaelin
Work: 904-285-3300
Fax: 904-285-3363
Email: Heather@abentras.com
Cell:  904-234-6698

Immediate Past President:  Robert Franklin
Work: 904-905-8070
Fax: 904-301-1513
Email: robert.franklin@bcbsfl.com
Cell: 904-412-1920


Brenda Conner
Work: 904-253-7866
Fax: 904-253-7870
Email: brenda.conner@benefitmall.com
Cell: 904-993-9025

Jennifer Drake
Work: 904-294-3443
Email: jennifere.drake@benefitmall.com

Elizabeth Fell
Work: 904-612-4542
Fax: 352-240-1515
Email: elizabeth@colonialworksite.com
Cell: 904-616-4542

Ira Goldfield
Work: 904-655-7747

Fax: 904-731-1753
Email: ira.goldfield@lfg.com
Cell: 904-655-7747

Rochelle Harmon
Work: 904-737-4165  x104
Fax: 904-280-1602
Email: rochelle@completebenefitsolutions.com
Cell: 904-599-2745

Colby Jackson
Work: 904-351-4141
Fax: 904-351-4144
Email: jacksonc2@aetna.com
Cell: 904-631-5504

Ron Jolicoeur
Work: 904-399-4059
Fax: 904-346-0555
Email: rjolicoeur@rogersbenefit.com
Cell:  904-535-5134

Dominic Monfred
Work: 800-654-7808 Ext. 1213
Email: dominic.monfred@assurant.com
Cell: 904-465-1131

Carol Taylor
Work: 215-9955
Fax: 904-317-3389
Email: ctaylor@beaconben.com
Cell: 904-545-4025

Jennifer Wooten
Work: 813-442-9953
Fax: 813-207-2692
Email: jwooten@unum.com
Cell: 813-442-9953


Susan Luvisi
Work: 904-396-2041
Fax: 904-396-4630
Email: susan@tullisinsurance.com
Cell: 904-477-4902

Tim Owen
Work: 904-287-0848, Ext.11
Fax: 904-287-5625
Email: tim@owenservices.com
Cell: 904-813-8286

Owen Wingate
Work: 904-285-3300
Fax: 904-285-3363
Email: owen@absentras.com
Cell: 904-553-2002

Trustee Emeriti

Stephanie Denz
Work: 904-226-0125
Fax: 860-907-3252
Email: denzs@aetna.com
Cell: 904-226-0125

George Koury
Work: 904-262-8400
Fax: 904-262-7898
Email: george@georgekoury.com
Cell: 904-537-8960

Pam Schoeppel
Work:  904-596-0348
Fax: 904-281-1199
Email: pam.schoeppel@compasscgi.com
Cell: 904-514-7422

Public Service


Co Chairs

August '14

No events currently available for this month. Check back later for future updates from the Jacksonville Association of Health Underwriters.

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